Mathbirk International Co Ltd 


High quality linking machines

for today's fast-track knitwear production

The Mathbirk linking system can save you more than 50% of your linking labour requirement when    compared to the old style "kettle" linking machines!




about our products

Welcome to our company Mathbirk International Ltd.


We build all our machines in the UK.


Our machines will help you to guarantee the best quality make-up for your computerised automatic knitting machinery production and will compliment fast and flexible modular team system working.


We offer 2 types of linking machines.


Our single linking machine creates superb linking and can make every seam  accurately and with extreme efficiency.


Our 2 needle linking machine is used to random link beautiful seams.

In addition the machine has a waste cutting device and an over-sew unit. All this is done on the linking head and is fully automatic.


We also offer a Lateral Stretcher combined adult and baby tester.

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