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Mathbirk linking machines offer important benefits over traditional "kettle" style linking machines

The single needle linking machine - is used to link each loop accuarately and make a superb join between each seam as well as attaching pockets, plackets, stolles and collars.


The operatives can quickly attain fast speeds and 100% accuracy everytime. The stitching head can be turned through 325 degrees thus the operative will always be closely working directly in the eyeline of the linking points. This creates right-first-time production.

Seams are guaranteed to be safe from bursting because our stitch lengths are monitored automatically with the correct flexibility and stretch in every course linked.

Linking can be made using the same garment yarns to ensure shade match and reduction in material costs

Gauge changes are simple and quickly made by swapping out the dial rather than the whole machine. This makes faster changes and of course production downtime is reduced considerably.

When compared to the old "kettle" linking, Mathbirk machines can link up to 2 or 3 times faster. This can save around 50% of linking labour cost.



The 2 needle linking + the 2 needle oversew device - is used to random link and then ovesew raw edges in 1 single operation. The waste fabric can also be automatically cut and fed to a pulling device or to a vacuum suction pipe for collecting and removal. This means that 3 operations are performed in one and reduces the need to use a separate overlock machine.

The operation saving using the 2 needle link/oversew machine can link up to 2.5 times faster and also saves 1 overlock operation too. This can reduce around 65% of  complete linking/oversew labour labour cost.



Both machines are primarily similar and benefits apply, but with the attatchment of an over-sew and cutter other operational savings can be made too.


Our products are precision engineered and due to the robust nature of the parts offer a long-life with little need for repairs or parts replacement.


Each machine is mounted on a standard sized bench and is driven by a variable speed low-power consumption motor driving both the linking head and the over-sew device.


The linking dial head is manually operated both clockwise and counter-clockwise to give greater accuacy and to ensure optimal linking position for the operative.


A separate motor drives the vacuum extraction of the cut waste.


Using Mathbirk linking machines configured into a modular team system, we can maximise your quality standards, your productivity, reduce your manpower, and improve your profit levels.


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The Mathbirk single needle linking machine










The 2 needle linking machine with the oversew attachment, cutter and vacuum device.

Single needle poin-for-point linker 4 needle link with oversew and vacuum on stand Point-for-point fine linking