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In the early years garment knitwear was firstly  created using hand driven V-bed knitting frames. With the invention of precision made multi-head fully-fashioned knitting frames speed and accuracy increased significantly. In more recent years computerised machines have given far better patterning capability and faster body fashionimg too.


The improvements in making-up techniques offered many years ago by Mathbirk linking machinery, also greatly increased production speed and quality of the finished garments.


For many years most garment knitwear companies used the sectional approach to the making-up of sweaters. This is still used in many places where contract volumes and the Minimum Order Quantity remain very high. It still makes good sense for production teams to plan a large number of machines to work on the same style, colour and size for many days.


Times though have changed and many customers are now dividing their contracts into flow-line volumes. This ensures that they are buying exactly what they can sell and their merchandising teams now demand flexibility as well as fast-track response too.


Modular team systems can help your production efficiencies and improve your profit margins significantly. There is nothing new or difficult in these principles. These teams have been used for many years to good effect in the cut-and-sew buisness world-wide.  


To fully realise these benefits it may be neccessary to make changes in your planning teams, to constantly analyse your skill levels, your machinery line inventory and your work-flow.

The good news is that your workers, planners, the industrial engineering teams and managers can be quickly trained and to adopt these techniques.


If you would like to learn how you can do this and to safeguard your future sales and profits, then please contact us.


We will be delighted to advise you further !

modular teams in the garment making-up rooms

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