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Spare parts  -  for all new or vintage machines. We carry a huge range of parts and accessories in our in our factory site at Nottinghamshire, England. All parts will be despatched directly to you the user in your place of production. Alternatively you may buy from our agent (please see our contact page).

Please contact us for price and availability.


Rebuild - We offer a comprehensive and comprehensive guaranteed service for rebuilding of your machines. Ocassionally we may be able to even sell to you machines which have been lovingly restored to "almost new condition".


Commissioning and training - For the first-time user of our machinery, we offer you tailor-made packages of commissioning and training for your mechanics, training staff, and operatives. This will ensure immediate best use and high efficiency from our machines.


Quality, productivity and modular team systems - A well planned and fully trained making-up system will immediately increase the production speed and quality in your knitted products. The key benefits are to maximise production by reducing down-time, the handling of materials, and the training of operatives to do things much better - every time!

Our machinery will compliment the use of a modular team system and will help you to organise your production better using far less space too.


Please contact us to explain how !



Our promise - When you invest in Mathbirk machines we know that you will be delighted with your purchase. We believe that we will soon become life-time partners in this journey of making wonderful yarns into beautiful and treasured sweaters.

we offer you the following services

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