Mathbirk International Co Ltd 


Mathbirk combined adult and baby lateral stretch test equipment


  • Ensures consistent quality socks          

           Relies entirely on gravitational force, not affected by variations in the air pressure or

          electricity variations. Gives consistent lateral readings throughout the world

  • Simple operation

          No training is required

  • Calibrated and tested

  • Robust precision engineered

  • Stand alone and completely portable

          Take the tester to the knitting machines for on-the-spot control

  • Sock industries standard test equipment

  • Used by major sock manufacturers

          adidas, Lacoste, Next and Marks & Spencer

  • UK manufactured for over 30 years

  • Easy to read combined scale


Method of operation

Place the sock into the lateral stretch arms via the open end (welt/rib) at any desired point along the length of the sock.

The weight release handle is operated and gravity acts upon the weight to give a uniform stretch loading on that particular section of the sock, the amount of stretch is read off the scale on the vertical shaft in line with the pointer.


Easy to read combined scale when testing

the stretch of the -

  • Adult sock  -  use the A reading

  • Baby sock  -  use the B reading


For safety reasons we reccomend that the machine is fastened to a

bench or trolley using the 2 holes in the base.



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